Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Episode 3 - 3 Fables

Hello listeners! I have a new show, finally for you, and it's called 3 Fables, based off three fables I wrote a few years ago, one of them I'd written when I was sixteen. It's the precursor to a longer work I wrote about a year later called, Fairy tales and Fables. You can find 3 Fables on on Feedbooks for free.

Also, if you like my stories, check out my novel length works such as the Mission series or the Red World trilogy. I have just released a new book on the Mission science fiction series called Mission: Harbeasts of Mars. The first book in the Mission series, Flight to Mars is free!

I hope you enjoy this month's show!

3 Fables - Three short fables: The Cowboy and the Pebbles, The Face in the Mirror, The Sage and the Three Brothers

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Intro: 'Prologue' from the score Henry V, by composer William Walton
Songs/music: "Cattle Call" - Eddie Arnold, "Dance of the Four Swans" from Swan Lake ballet - Tchaikovsky, "Ghosts IV" (track 34) - Nine Inch Nails