Sunday, February 15, 2015

Introduction and Episode 1 - Rainfall

Hello fellow wayfarers and welcome! This is my newest project, the Other Worlds podcast. Other Worlds is a story way-station for science fiction, fantasy and other speculative fiction audio stories by me, Victoria Jeffrey. it's related to the blueshift fiction project in that readers become wanderers through other worlds I create and by doing so in their own imagination create their own worlds and experiences with my stories. I go by V. A. Jeffrey as an author. You can check out my books on my official website: Epistle Publishing.

My first episode is a short story I'd written quite a few years ago called Rainfall. It's about a man with a mysterious illness who hears voices and sees strange visions - but only when it rains. I'd been thinking about doing this for a long time now and the first episode is now ready for listening! This will be a monthly podcast where I make an episode of one of my short stories or a chapter from one of my full length novels available in podcast form. In the future my novels will be available as audio books for purchase but you'll be able to always get some free content here and on blueshift fiction, Wattpad or you can join my mailing list. My work can be found on all the usual digital book channels: Amazon, B&N Kobo, Smashwords and iTunes. 

Anyway, this podcast is for your listening pleasure! Enjoy!

Rainfall short story -Episode 1

Intro music: Abe's Odyssey (video game clip)
songs: "Deep Breath" - Skalpel, "Paula" - Pole