Thursday, December 24, 2015

Episode 5 - The Candy Shop

Hello folks! I have the last episode for 2015 out for your enjoyment. This episode is an audio version of my short story The Candy Shop!

I won't be releasing another episode for Other Worlds until around February. I will have a book coming out next month, Mission: Blackguard Conspiracy. It's the fifth book in the series.  I want to make a correction. In the actual show where I say pleasantries, I meant to say unpleasantries. and where I mention the site for my secondary writings. I said when I meant to say Sorry about the mistakes!

I hope you enjoy the show!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Announcement #2

I've fixed the audio issue for the previous episodes where you could only hear it coming out of the left speaker! You may want to re-download the previous episodes! meanwhile, I've got a new show coming out later this month, The Candy Shop!

Hope you're having a great month. Check out some of my other projects:

Announcement audio!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Episode 4 - Memory Lane

Hello listeners! I hope this month finds you well in the new fall of the year. I've had too many things to do. By the way, I'm currently writing the fifth book in my Mission science fiction series, Mission: Blackguard Conspiracy.

Memory Lane, this evening's episode is a weird fiction short story. The description: A lonely old man who lives in a lonely old house on the edge of town dies. And with him, a strange secret about the town itself.

It's hard to describe so I just call it Weird fiction. It was a rejected piece that I submitted to an audio mag and website, which now, funny enough, is defunct. Oh well!

Hope you like it!

Download Here!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Episode 3 - 3 Fables

Hello listeners! I have a new show, finally for you, and it's called 3 Fables, based off three fables I wrote a few years ago, one of them I'd written when I was sixteen. It's the precursor to a longer work I wrote about a year later called, Fairy tales and Fables. You can find 3 Fables on on Feedbooks for free.

Also, if you like my stories, check out my novel length works such as the Mission series or the Red World trilogy. I have just released a new book on the Mission science fiction series called Mission: Harbeasts of Mars. The first book in the Mission series, Flight to Mars is free!

I hope you enjoy this month's show!

3 Fables - Three short fables: The Cowboy and the Pebbles, The Face in the Mirror, The Sage and the Three Brothers

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Announcement #1

I've been gone and very busy for the months of April and May because I'm getting ready to publish the fourth book in the Mission science fiction series, Mission: Harbeasts of Mars. If you've enjoyed, The Barsoom series by Edgar Ricew Burroughs or the classic Star Wars trilogy or the old Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers serials, you'll enjoy my Mission series. Anyway, look for another episode of Other Worlds next month. I'll be doing an audio edition of my first short book of fairy takes called 3 Fables. You can get the digital version of this short book for free here.

See ya in June!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Episode 2 - Dust and Bones

Here is episode 2 of the Other Worlds podcast. Talkshoe, my regular host, has decided to act screwy today and the feed won't stream or download, so I've put the Soundcloud player in the post today! I hope you enjoy the show!

Dust and Bones - A short story of six men who come to Las Vegas to play a high stakes game of Bones. The winner instantly becomes very wealthy but the prize comes with a very unpleasant string attached.

You can check out my other books and projects at: and also the blueshift fiction blog. Also, you can join the mailing list and get the first book in my Mission series for free!

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Introduction and Episode 1 - Rainfall

Hello fellow wayfarers and welcome! This is my newest project, the Other Worlds podcast. Other Worlds is a story way-station for science fiction, fantasy and other speculative fiction audio stories by me, Victoria Jeffrey. it's related to the blueshift fiction project in that readers become wanderers through other worlds I create and by doing so in their own imagination create their own worlds and experiences with my stories. I go by V. A. Jeffrey as an author. You can check out my books on my official website: Epistle Publishing.

My first episode is a short story I'd written quite a few years ago called Rainfall. It's about a man with a mysterious illness who hears voices and sees strange visions - but only when it rains. I'd been thinking about doing this for a long time now and the first episode is now ready for listening! This will be a monthly podcast where I make an episode of one of my short stories or a chapter from one of my full length novels available in podcast form. In the future my novels will be available as audio books for purchase but you'll be able to always get some free content here and on blueshift fiction, Wattpad or you can join my mailing list. My work can be found on all the usual digital book channels: Amazon, B&N Kobo, Smashwords and iTunes. 

Anyway, this podcast is for your listening pleasure! Enjoy!

Rainfall short story -Episode 1

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